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March 07, 2023

Visitors impressed with Vietnamese fish sauce at Foodex Japan

Vietnamese fish sauce Chin-su has strongly impressed visitors to Foodex Japan in Tokyo because of its distinct, pungent taste.

The pavilion of Masan Consumers displaying fish sauce CHIN-SU at Foodex Japan 2023The pavilion of Masan Consumers displaying fish sauce CHIN-SU at Foodex Japan 2023

Taking part in the expo which opened on March 7, Masan Consumer (a subsidiary of Masan Group) introduced a collection of Chin-su seasonings that the group has just researched and developed. Among the products on display was East Sea Anchovy Chin-su fish sauce that uses anchovy extracts.

Many Japanese visitors were impressed with the bold and unique flavour of the fish sauce when they used it with Vietnamese specialties such as spring rolls or summer rolls.

Visiting the expo, Seizo Kuroda, a Japanese national, said he found the fish sauce had a very specific taste.

“It's salty but not harsh, even I can feel the sweetness that is very special and delicate. I once saw a Japanese person eat soba (noodles) with fish sauce on YouTube. I thought it was a weird combination, but after today I may change my mind. I'll probably try it too,” said Seizo.

Fish sauce is an amber-colored salty liquid in Southeast Asian cuisine used as an important condiment for improving the taste of foods. It is processed from salt-fermented anchovies. As it's a fermented process of fish and salt under a pressed and hot conditions for a long time, the fish sauce smell becomes strong.

After studying the recipe for a while, Masan Consumers has created a type of fish sauce that has excellent quality and iridescent amber colour. Its fish sauce Chin-su has the original delicious taste, rich aroma and rich sweetness of fish.

By introducing its fish sauce at Foodex Japan 2023, Masan Consumer has contributed to bringing Vietnamese products closer to consumers globally.

Foodex Japan is one of the largest international food and beverage expositions in Asia. This year, the March 7-10 expo attracted the participation of thousands of businesses from 44 countries and territories worldwide. Nearly 40 Vietnamese businesses showcased products at the event.

Source: VOV

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